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CIOReview Team | Monday, 07 November 2016, 06:49 IST

Digital experience is a by-product of technology enabling consumer expectations. The India marketplace is a perfect example of this and we see a number of key trends fueling this expansion. The rise of the smartphone and its adoption by consumers – over 65 percent of internet traffic is on mobile devices, is helping to shape the digital media world.  Mobile applications are creating greater bonds between consumers and brands, to the point that some companies are looking to move away from website onto app only driven platforms.

There are tremendous opportunities for brands to power digital experience delivery to consumers in India. Not only will consumers be more connected, they will be empowered to do more and further engage with brands.

With over forty five years of experience, Epsilon is a global leader in fusing data, technology and creativity together to create engaging customer experiences and drive loyalty.  With the digital revolution, Epsilon is now tapping into new channels and technology that extend their reach and deliver the right message, to the right person at the right time, across channels and devices. Epsilon works with many of the Fortune 500 companies who are going through their own digital transformation, including prestigious clients including Fedex, Jaguar and Land Rover.

Supporting the Connection between Brand and People

Brands are no longer about a message, but about an experience. Every part of a user’s life is becoming empowered by digital platforms. Delivering these digital experiences requires seamless blending of brand strategy, product design, and software development—which in turn, creates a brand’s living ecosystem. Adobe provides the top tools for customer brands, while Epsilon aims to provide the best customer experience, optimized customer journey, and best solution to define the utmost return on investment for brands.

Epsilon is a premier preferred partner for Adobe in terms of delivery of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Epsilon is not only part of the Adobe pioneer process, but has also helped with customers’ use of the Adobe Marketing Cloud in the most optimized ways. Epsilon is the #1 Adobe Campaign delivery partner for Adobe Global Services, and the #2 Adobe Experience Manager partner.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud enhances Epsilon’s loyalty solution by acquiring the right data, which in turn can be used to personalize and enhance the customer experience. The data also provide insights for brands to perfect customer experience. Understanding the customer’s business investment is the key to using the Adobe Marketing Cloud. It allows powerful content management, and communication execution to the customer’s desire while aiming to predict what is next in the customer lifecycle. The Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions and Epsilon’s Agility Loyalty Platform together provide the engine for brands to engage with consumers and foster loyalty – from communicating the right offer at the right time, to nurturing relationships that their customers value.

Ashish Sinha, Country Head for Epsilon India, says, “Our mission in India is to help companies deliver engaging and relevant customer experiences. In the experience economy you need a partner who understands that products are just commodities, but experiences are where your customers see the full value.”

“Consumers are in the midst of a broad shift with how they engage with content. Epsilon’s data-driven approach, together with the Adobe Marketing Cloud, greatly enhance brands’ ability to maximize intelligence to create digital experience that resonates,” says Sushant Shetty, Sales Director for Epsilon India.

Epsilon plans on growing and developing its Bengaluru Center, the technology hub of India. The plan is to define and execute strategies and programs across multiple marketing solutions including creative services, digital, CRM, loyalty, product engineering and infrastructure. Epsilon currently employs over 400 associates in India and plans to increase the number of associates over 50 percent in the Bengaluru unit over the next few years.

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